Friday, January 29, 2010

New Splash Page

Congrats to little Miss T, winner of our recent contest...she is now featured on the Fancy Pants Splash Page:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We put it on ourselves...we want everything to be perfect. I am the worst when I shoot my own kids. Patience goes out the window, because they KNOW how to do this. They are photographer's children! Usually within a few minutes (or when they beat me into submission), I am able to step outside myself and realize that I need to relax if they are going to relax. So... If you have a session coming up...just know that they rarely go perfectly (sometimes less perfectly than others:)...but it always turns out ok. We always get great stuff...because kids are beautiful. They can't help it...which makes my job easier:) If you have a session coming up, relax. Get your stuff here, get your kiddos here, and then sit back for a few weeks and wait to see your beautiful children shine.

Mom might have been worried about this session...might have thought is wasn't going to work...but I think we did ok:)

i Fancy Pants: Austin Children and Baby Photographer

If you don't have the app, and aren't checking might be missing out of free pictures of your kiddos. The great part is that when they are featured, you can also download the image as wallpaper for your phone:)
There are also specials listed only for app users:.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beauties! Fancy Pants Photography: Austin Children's Photographer

This is the second time to this little Miss, and this time she brought along her brother. Yes, beauty runs in the family...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fancy Pants Photography: Austin Newborn Photographer

I have been propping all morning (prop shopping:))...and I found so many new cool props for my newborn shoots. I want to use them!!!! So...if you are pregnant, or know someone that is, and they are due within the next month, I am offering four free sessions ($150.00 value). You must be willing to do the session within the first 10 days of birth, and willing to let me have fun with my new props:) Win, win, right? Email me with your name contact info, due date and if you know if the baby is a boy or girl.

*Standard minimum print purchase will apply.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

I cannot believe that my little girl is 11. Where did the time go...and how did I get this old? All questions I must ask myself today, on my dd birthday. Crazy to think how fast it all goes and how scary the next 11 years might be:)
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i Fancy Pants: Austin Children and Baby Photographer

It is worth downloading the app for the January 11th special (I promise). I am excited to showcase my work and your children through the app, as well as pass along cool specials to you!

Here is a recent sweet baby...(keep those coming by the way!) You all make such pretty newborns:)

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Winner is F! | Austin Child Photographer Fancy Pants Photography

I checked at EXACTLY 12:00 (thank you iphone alarm) and the winner by a close margin was letter F. Thank you so much to everyone that participated. You all have truly amazing children, and I am honored to be able to photograph them. The new splash page will debut soon, so keep your eyes open.

i Fancy Pants has a great special in the news section, so download it get signed up! The winner of the iphone app standard session for knowing that the baby is the featured image is wearing a blue and brown hat is Lindi Maze. Congrats!

Keep warm people, and have a great weekend!

One hour left...contest time!!!!

Email me from the contact page on my site: with the colors in the hat featured on the i Fancy Pants app today, within the next hour and qualify for a drawing for a free January or February standard session. Good luck. You have one hour! Ends at 12:00pm.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

It has been so nice hanging out with family and friends. Sometimes you just need a few weeks to do a lot of nothing:) That time is over and there is a lot of new and exciting things for Fancy Pants Photography!
First: A new splash page contest:) I know that this is always fun and everyone works so hard getting family and friends to vote. I love all the images once again, and would be so happy to have any one of them on my splash page. Look to the bottom of this post for images and voting. Voting ends Friday, January 8th at noon. Winners receive a free standard session for themselves as well as a free standard session for a friend.
Second...Fancy Pants Photography now has our very own iphone app! I am so excited about this, and can't wait for everyone to download it. It is a free app that will feature an image of the day, as well as iphone only specials ( a good one for January, btw). If your image is featured and you email me that day to let me know you saw it, you will receive a free 5x7 of the image! I am using images randomly from as far back as January 2009, up to current sessions. If your image is the dailypic, there is also a feature to download it and make it your iphone wallpaper. To download, just go to the app store and search for: i Fancy Pants
Last, but not least, it is time for the annual 20% off canvas sale. All sessions in January, February and March will qualify for 20% off any gallery wrapped canvas.

Splash Page Image Contest: