Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Mother's Day

Ya know what it feels like to actually get an image you love of your OWN child. It is the best. My little girl (who is suddenly not that little anymore), let me take her out for a session...with no complaining...since it was Mother's Day week:) I try to milk it for the whole week...I think that is fair. So anyway...it is one of those moments where you look at your child and you realize how amazing they are, how blessed I am, and how I could never deserve to be given these beautiful kiddos. Anyway, I am so grateful to have them. Happy late Mother's day to all of you...truly amazing mothers.


Carol de Cardenas said...

You are truly a beautiful artist and a wonderful mom!

Carol de Cardenas
Mitchell's 2nd Grade Teacher

Michele said...

Beautiful image! And yes, I know how it feels to get that one wonderful image of your child. It's rare, but it's amazing, huh?