Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet little 17 month old

I am a mom...and believe it or not, I get frazzled when I am shooting my own kiddos. I get frustrated even. So...I know how it must feel to be the mom at one of my sessions. I know sometimes it feels like we aren't getting anything. I cannot tell you how many times parents have come to the previews and said..."I cannot believe you got these shots!" So, with that said, try not to worry if the kids are being kids, or if their hair is out of place...99% of the time, we still get the shots we love.

This little guy is such a doll...look at those eyes. He gave me a run for my money (as 17 month olds tend to do:)) Mom, rolled with everything and I think she will be very happy with all we got!

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