Friday, October 01, 2010

Neglected!!! The Blog.

Yikes, I keep meaning to come on here and post some images, but time just gets away from me. This is going to be a bit of a random post, but I feel like I need to play catch up:) I have been editing like crazy and seeing all these families makes me realize how badly I need to document my own. I know we don't always feel like we look great, and we are our harshest critics...but someday, our kids will look back and we want them to be able to see how much we loved them. They are not going to care how we looked...(I am preaching to myself here because I don't have a single picture of my kids and I on my wall...but I am going to!)
Things are hectic here as I am sure they are everywhere with school back in and sports and holidays approaching....don't forget that IF you are hoping to get in for Christmas images, time is running out. I have VERY few spots left.
As I read back over this, I clearly have issues with run on sentences and random punctuation, but I am going to let it go for the sake of getting this post online:) More to come, I promise....and kudos to these beautiful ladies who both look great AND got in the pictures:) I also had to put one of a gorgeous newborn...what is a blog post without a baby?!?

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