Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Christmas in July???

Yep...I am already getting calls for it, so I am going to put them out there. The 2007 Christmas card designs are here. To view the designs, just go to http://www.fancypantsphotography.com and click on the proofing tab at the top. The login to view the cards is: Christmas (it is case sensitive, so type carefully). To reserve your card design (and pull it off the website) just call me and reserve your card with a $50 deposit towards your card purchase. I can change wording on the designs if space permits. Some designs don't have any wording yet, so it is totally up to you! This year I am offering several styles and paper choices. The designs are 5X7 or 5X5 and can be flat, folded, or 5x5 tri-fold design. The paper choices are...photopaper (for flat cards), or cardstock. The specialty papers are: metallic paper (flat cards), watercolor, or pearl paper. I have samples of all of these if you can't quite picture it.
The costs are as follows:
5X5 or 5X7 flat: $2.50/each
5X5 or 5X7 folded: $2.75/each
5X5 tri-fold: $3.50/each
There is a $.25/each charge for specialty papers, and a $.25/each discount for orders of 150 or more. All cards are ordered in denominations of 25 and come with white or parchment envelopes. Additional 5X5 trifold designs can be created for clients as well.

The last Christmas card orders must be placed by November 16th, so Christmas sessions will end in the first few weeks of November. Last year we were booked through Christmas around October 1st...so call early! Hope you like the designs!

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