Friday, August 11, 2006


I guess because school is about to start, it is a good time to get emotional. Don't our kids grow up so fast??? Sometimes it would be nice just to slow it down a little. My little guy is going to be 5 this month and I cannot believe it. I still carry him whenever I can, he will be the only kid in 3rd grade whose mom still tries to pick him up:) Hopefully, I will be over it by then. He has told me that when he is grown up and married, he and his wife will live next door to me, so I'm good:) My little girl is now starting 2nd is crazy.
Speaking of family...and second grade for that matter, I had a wonderful family who obviously love each other so much. I really, really enjoyed them. This is the first one I have opened to proof (it has been a busy week), but I love how close they look.

Good luck on Monday to everyone...I'm sure I will see lots of you there:)

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